Soft Skills

Over many years I have gained experience working in customer/people-facing roles, such as tourism, event and project management, teaching, eCommerce and web design, start-ups, as well as team leading.

My experience in over 18 years taught me all the skills I need to bring to be a rock star in personal or executive assistance, office and event coordination and management, as well as supervising and leading people.

About my soft skills: I am a multi-tasker, a self-starter, out-of-the-box thinker, and proactive decision taker. Before a problem arises, I'm already working on preventing it. When a conflict arises, my mind is already focused on a solution.

I can work hard and under pressure, keeping a positive and friendly attitude towards clients, co-workers and team members. Furthermore, my cultural background (half German, half Mexican) allows me to be results-oriented, very efficient and always eager to learn things I don’t know yet, while keeping a large portion of humor.

I consider a strong work ethic, humbleness, patience, and compassion over empathy a core element for success. Giving and receiving feedback as well as the ability to take ownership are essential to my work and personal skills.